We are the first specialized fieldwork agency in Romania delivering professional data collection and data processing services to research institutes and consulting companies.

We act as the client’s internal fieldwork division and we are capable of conducting almost any imaginable data collection activity in Romania and in the neighboring countries.


The speed of our fieldwork, the reliability of our data and the close relationship we built with our clients enabled us to become the Romanian center for fieldwork expertise working closely with

most research institutes willing to conduct market research and opinion surveys in Romania and in Eastern European Countries.



By our affiliation to ESOMAR we enforce our data collection procedures to be fully compatible with ICC/ESOMAR rules and regulations related to conducting market research and opinion surveys.

2002 to date
More than 1,000,000 interviews conducted CATI/CAPI/CAWI
Field Insights
was founded
Since 2004
ESOMAR Proud Member
100% quality control
standard SLA
Since 2005
Expanded scope of
working 17 CEE countries
First company in Romania to extensively use technology based data collection for offline research
Development of Vision™ platform to automatize data collection & data processing
First market research company in Romania to go 100% digital (paperless)
Vision™ goes international being used for face-to-face (CAPI), telephone (CATI), and online interviews (CAWI) in 12 countries
Field Insights supports the market research industry during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering free of charge access to Vision™ for one year to any market research company


Data Collection
Data Processing → 
Fieldwork Auditing

Data Collection

Fie că este vorba de eșantioane naționale fie doar de acoperirea centrelor urbane, prin folosirea instrumentelor de colectare de date potrivite vom fi mereu alături de clientii nostri pentru a îi susține cu resursele și expertiza noastră.


Colaborarea cu Field Insights pentru colectarea de date vă va elibera de presiunea activității de teren și vă va permite să vă alocați mai bine resursele interne, atât umane cât și financiare.

Selecție Aleatorie
Teste în Locație Centrală
Intervievare în Centre Comerciale / pe Stradă
Mystery Shopping

Our recruitment and quality control teams will always select only the respondents that strictly match your recruitment criteria.


We use the Intercepts technique to recruit the respondents who are afterwards verified by three independent teams prior to participating in the survey and thus eliminating any bias that may influence the recruitment process.

Focus Groups
In-Depth Interviews
Paired-Depth Interviews

We have built a highly trained team specialized in conducting interviews with corporate respondents. Regardless of whether the interviews are to be conducted in Romanian or English, our professional interviewers will conduct your project at the highest possible standard.

Tracking Surveys
Ad-hoc Projects

It takes a colossal effort to accurately investigate the most dynamic environment of a transition economy: the Retail sector. Yet, it is crucial to have real-time, up-to-date information regarding the shelf status.


Using our extensive specialized field force and our technology, you can get the store related information faster and more cost effective than anywhere in the industry.

Store Checks
Distribution & Price Surveys
Retail Census


Market Execution

Data Processing and Reporting

Having over 20 years of research and statistics background places our Data Processing team among the top 3 in Romania in terms of knowledge and expertise.

Data Cleaning & Validation


Segmentation & Positioning Analysis
Max-Diff & Conjoint


Real-Time Dashboards

Fieldwork Auditing

Should you want to back check your fieldwork or verify the fieldwork commissioned to another research institute, Field Insights is the right choice to do it. Based on Our Quality Control Team and Procedures we conduct research projects audits ensuring the strictest confidentiality of the information resulted as part of the process.



Quality Control → 


Extensive Human & Technologies & Resources


Over 80000


panelists in our integrated panels. General consumers, Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, IT specialists, and more.


Over 180 CATI Stations


around Romania and in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova); Our team include interviewers who natively speak Romanian, Hungarian and Russian


CAPI – 200 10” Tablets


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3/4/A tablets with mobile Internet connections deployed with our F2F interviewer teams throughout Romania

100% Quality Control

The Field Insights commitment to fieldwork quality is backed up by our “100% Quality Control” policy which ensures the highest standard of our data collection services. This means that the usual percentage of the project covered by the quality control team is 100% as compared to the commonly accepted 15%-20% in the industry.

Clear. Clean. Auditable.



Professional Affiliations

By our affiliation to ESOMAR, we adhere to the ICC/ESOMAR rules and regulations related to conducting market research and opinion surveys

International Coverage

Field Insights is the Eastern-European center for fieldwork expertise and we are often appointed as the coordinating agency for multi-country projects in Eastern Europe in countries like:

North Macedonia
Czech Republic
Bosnia & Herzegovina



We offer our services mainly to Market Research Institutes and Consulting Companies around the world and never compete with them. As the confidentiality restrains us from mentioning the names of those we serve, we will only specify a few of our Partners.

“Field Insights has been a very close partner for our CATI & F2F fieldwork needs in Romania for many years. Besides their strong skills in fieldwork and data-processing, we especially treasure their exceptional reachability and flexible reaction to unexpected client-needs.”


Ansgar Löhner (IMAS Austria)

“Management consult Dr. Eisele & Dr. Noll GmbH and Field Insights look back on a trust- and fruitful cooperation for more than 10 years. Field Insights is an experienced and valued partner when it comes to complex telephone interviews with B2C and B2B deciders in Romania. We appreciate Field Insights ’ high-end data collection and processing skills as well as their honest and transparent communication behavior. They support us to provide an excellent service to our clients.”


Christian Schaeffer (management consult Dr. Eisele & Dr. Noll GmbH)


Please do not hesitate to seek our counsel on any data collection or data processing issue regardless of whether you will decide to conduct the project with us or with another agency. For any inquiries related to conducting fieldwork in Romania or in the neighboring countries we will most gladly help you.

For any inquiries please contact us at:

10-12 Pantelimon St,
Obor Business Center, 3rd Floor,
Bucharest 3, Romania

Telephone: +40-21-204.76.00